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7 Signs You Might Need Orthodontic Treatment as an Adult

Welcome to Damon Orthodontics! As a trusted provider of orthodontic care, we understand the importance of maintaining optimal oral health at every stage of life. ...

Do Braces Hurt? What To Expect

Braces – the word itself often conjures images of perfectly aligned smiles but may also raise questions about discomfort and pain. If you’re considering braces ...

Can Invisalign Help With Sleep Apnea?

In recent years, the world of orthodontics has witnessed a remarkable transformation in the way we approach dental treatments. Beyond the conventional methods of teeth ...

How To Brush Your Teeth With Braces

Orthodontic braces are an incredible tool for achieving a beautifully aligned smile, but maintaining proper oral hygiene while wearing them can be a challenge. Whether ...

What Does An Ideal Bite Look Like?

A captivating smile is not just about straight and white teeth; it’s also about the harmony of your bite. An ideal bite, also known as ...