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Dr. Clay Damon at the North Spokane Office

The Stages of Braces: What To Expect

Embarking on the journey of orthodontic treatment with braces can feel like stepping into the unknown. However, understanding the stages of braces treatment can help ...
Woman holding a clear retianer

How To Clean Your Retainer

Hey there, retainer-wearer! Welcome to our guide on keeping your retainer squeaky clean. If you’re sporting a retainer, you’re likely familiar with the importance of ...
Braces elastics

Elastics (Rubber Bands) in Orthodontic Treatment

Welcome to our guide on rubber bands in orthodontic treatment! If you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment or considering it, you might have heard about the importance ...
Woman with braces flossing her teeth

How To Floss With Braces

Hey there! So, you’ve got braces, huh? Welcome to the club! Whether you’re a seasoned brace-face or just starting your journey to a straighter smile, ...
Girl putting on her retainer

Why Wear A Retainer After Braces

Welcome to the ultimate guide on why wearing a retainer after braces is crucial for maintaining that stunning smile. If you’ve recently bid farewell to ...